Welcome to the art of being Paul Garrard. As an artist I’ve been practicing my craft for over fifty years. I work using a mix of media, although much of my output these days is digital. I am driven by the belief that nothing is ever black and white; nothing is ever that simple, not even monochrome pictures. Scratch below the surface, scrape away the veneer and you will always find something interesting; different hues, different shades. Exploring isn’t always to find. Sometimes there are no answers available. But that doesn’t make the enquiry or journey any less valuable.

My Video Channel

In the last couple of years I’ve become very interested in video as a medium. It’s a form of digital art that opens up new territory and exciting possibilities, and not only that but in conjunction with video I have started in the last couple of months to produce soundscapes to go with them. Being able to use these extra dimensions allows me to express myself in so many more ways. Please take a look at my YouTube channel and if possible please subscribe.

Greetings Cards

You can now buy my art in the form of greetings cards available from my shop. Please help support my work.


Moving on from producing soundscapes I have been inspired to occasionally drop a few beats. You can check out what I produce on SoundCloud.