Welcome to the art of being Paul Garrard. As an artist I’ve been practicing my craft for over fifty years. I work using a mix of media, although much of my output these days is digital. I am driven by the belief that nothing is ever black and white; nothing is ever that simple, not even monochrome pictures. Scratch below the surface, scrape away the veneer and you will always find something interesting; different hues, different shades. Exploring isn’t always to find. Sometimes there are no answers available. But that doesn’t make the enquiry or journey any less valuable.

New – Video: Water

I’ve put together a new video and I’m very pleased with it. Why not take a look?
It’s all my own work as I’ve videoed it, created the music for it and I’ve also spoken the voiceover. It’s a gentle meander through water; literally and metaphorically.

New – Greetings Cards

You can now buy my art in the form of greetings cards available from my shop. Please help support my work.