Please support my work

Support living artists as the dead ones don’t need the money

I suppose it’s the lot of most artists to spend their lives in complete obscurity. One doesn’t become an artist to become rich either. First and foremost I make art because I have something to say; I have feelings and emotions I want to express. I also make it to please myself. If people like my work then that is a bonus. If people like my work and want to support me then that is truly a double bonus.

If you like my work and you would like to support me there are a number of ways that you can, and they needn’t cost you any money:

Having said that if you have got some spare cash you could always buy some of my stuff. Stuff comes in various forms; prints and cards (reasonably priced) which you can buy online from Tuppenny Rainbow, or limited edition art prints which you can buy direct from me

If you are unable to part with any of your hard earned cash, ways to help that won’t cost you a penny include:

  • Following me on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube), sharing my posts/tweets/videos and generally spreading the word of my very existence.
  • If you only do one thing then one of the biggest helps would be to subscribe to my YouTube channel and liking my videos.

Thanking you in advance.