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© Paul Garrard 2013 - 2017

Welcome to the art of Paul Garrard.

Art is life imagined.

As an artist I’ve been practicing my craft for over fifty years. I work using a mix of media, although much of my output these days is digital. I am inspired by the notion that nothing is ever black and white; nothing is ever that simple. Scratch below the surface, scrape away the veneer and you will always find something interesting; different hues, different shades. Exploring isn’t always to find. Sometimes there are no answers available. But that doesn’t make the enquiry or journey any less valuable.

Most of my art is designed to be reproduced over and over. In the late seventies early eighties onwards much of my work was produced so that it could be photocopied. Now with the age of digital printing the technology seems to have caught up to where I’ve always wanted to be and as a result my work can be displayed across many printed and display formats.

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