Nothing is ever black and white
Nothing is ever black and white
I’ve written a lot about art and what it is on my blog over the years and I thought it was about time I joined it all together and put it out as a stand alone publication. Hence I’ve produced a pamphlet entitled, What is art? It sets out what I think art is and will hopefully inspire others and perhaps some debate....



Good night all. Especially you. And you. https://t.co/gmk8BETCwN thePaulGarrard photo

It is particularly hard to upset me. One of the few things that does is gross stupidity.

If I was going to live in Scotland I think East Lothian is the are I'd want to be.

Nowadays he would have been given a cabinet promotion. https://t.co/0bkZ93tmec
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It’s 29 years since David Mellor went from toe job to no job https://t.co/FHoK5DtfNG