Nothing is ever black and white
Nothing is ever black and white
By way of a little distraction from the serious climate of politics here's a little tune what I wrote. I'm no fan of Christmas. I dislike the way tradition oppresses people; forces them to do stuff that they don't want to, or can ill afford. But I've always been a bit of a sucker for the Christmas ditty and when I composed this tune I felt that it sort of had a jaunty yuletide feel to it. What do you think?


The little lad in the cover picture is little old me https://t.co/FCD0cYOc85

Once they silence the judges they will go after the journalists. No one will be safe. #page48 https://t.co/7BWhmQet2z https://t.co/GfuAplbOCC PGarrard photo

BBC News - Theft of Northamptonshire village Bell End sign 'pathetic'

An organisation I'm a member of. And the answer is yes.

Is there life after Jeremy Corbyn for Momentum? https://t.co/WAJPhdRqaJ

NHS cuts in your area?
See the devastation here:

https://t.co/fSpwuZ2gOW - shows you how Tory cuts are affecting vital NHS services in your area.

The Conservatives have systematically underfunded our NHS, putting it in a permanent winter

#NHScuts #VoteLabour

A little tune where I try to convey the frenetic activity associated with Yuletide aka Christmas. Other festivals based on superstition are available.

Listen to Yesterday's Zeitgeist by Paul Garrard - Artist on #SoundCloud