Nothing is ever black and white
Nothing is ever black and white
I’ve written a lot about art and what it is on my blog over the years and I thought it was about time I joined it all together and put it out as a stand alone publication. Hence I’ve produced a pamphlet entitled, What is art? It sets out what I think art is and will hopefully inspire others and perhaps some debate....



In the great scheme of things we are all insignificant https://t.co/O4TyhnDL25

I'm not a big fan of the word 'Woke'. As a word it's a bit simplistic and a tad coarse. But if fascists are going to use it as a term of abuse then I think it needs to be worn with pride.

I'd certainly rather be identified as being woke rather than a bullying Neanderthal. https://t.co/AqjiMLzbth
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Yep. Never trust those in charge. https://t.co/7Bqa5JJl2Y
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English Radical History @EnglishRadical
#OnThisDay 1381: Wat Tyler and his Kentish forces met King Richard II at Smithfield outside London. Tensions rose quickly, violence ensued, and Tyler was killed.

As the Peasants’ Revolt began to collapse, the King revoked all the concessions he had made to the rebels. https://t.co/JprSCtjGO4