Nothing is ever black and white
Nothing is ever black and white
I love hares. They are quite majestic creatures. I drew this magnificent fellow last spring and then thought it would be ideal as a greeting card. The good news is that it is still available. Pick up a copy or two from my shop, Tuppenny Rainbow. In stock and ready to go. A snip at £2.00 + p&p.
Nothing is ever black and white
Nothing is ever black and white
Just when you think it's safe to put your head up above the parapet along comes my new video/soundscape. I'm very very pleased with this one.
Nothing is ever black and white
LONDON BRIDGE: don’t look back
A train journey to London Bridge. A video/soundscape inspired by train travel and it’s rhythmic sounds.


Because people vote for them. That's how stupid large parts of the electorate are. https://t.co/ml8jx61enG

Blancmange is a sweet dessert commonly made with milk or cream and sugar thickened with gelatin, corn starch or Irish moss, and often flavoured with almonds. It is usually set in a mould and served cold. Although traditionally white, blancmanges are frequently given... Wikipedia

When having a discussion you know you are probably right when the other person/side starts being abusive.